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Intolerance Testing

We have partnered with Modern Allergy Management

to offer Food & Environment Intolerance Testing!


We offer the most comprehensive hair tests available using the latest bio-technology resonance technology. Our testing facility scans only 4-5 strands of your hair which results in detailed reporting of intolerances.

We will email the reports to you within just 10 working days from the date your hair is received to our office. Your reports will include all items which have shown an intolerance. 

Food and Environmental Intolerance Test

Your hair sample is tested against 750 different food and non-food items.


Nutrition Deficiency Test

Our test identifies key nutrients potentially missing from your diet. We can currently identify up to 80 nutrients.


Heavy Metals Test

Your hair sample is tested against 24 unique metals. Metals can be ingested or absorbed by the body and are typically overseen as potential catalysts for intolerance.

Hair testing results are not affected by your last meal, stress or other factors, and can therefore store information for longer periods of time. This information is used for intolerance testing for foods, non-food, metal, minerals and deficiencies.  Then are able to give you a detailed report that creates a broad picture of your intolerance. The hair testing method for intolerance is considered excellent for several reasons, some include:

     *Non-invasive – we only require a small sample of hair.

     *Test more items – blood tests can usually only test for a small selection of items, whereas we can test against 750 different items.

     *Fast results – testing is completed quickly and efficiently as hair testing is a much faster process than blood testing.

     *Hair stores information within it and is not affected by outside contaminants. Hair coloring and/or dyes will not have any effect on your test.

     *Cost effective – due to all of these reasons, hair testing is less expensive than blood testing and urine testing.


$85 Per Test

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