Pricing Info

60 minute - $65

90 Minute - $85

120 Minute - $125

Limited Time Package!

3 Floats for $130

First time Float Sessions receive $15 off!

Who Should Float?

Everyone, Athletes, Children (Must be at least 12 years of age and parent must be present in the float room with anyone under the age of 18), Mothers to be (We do recommend consulting with your physician first)


We highly recommend everyone commit to at least 3 floats, to give yourself the time you need to fully enjoy every aspect of this wonderful healing experience.

1st Float: Get to know your tank and your surroundings; relaxation usually begins 20 minutes into your first time.


2nd Float: Relaxation comes much quicker as you are familiar with your routine and your space.


3rd Float: You can’t wait to sink into that space of zero gravity and complete relaxation, oh and at this point, you are hooked.

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$15 Off 

First Time