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Float Therapy

Floating is about everything that you won’t be doing. You won’t be fighting gravity. The solution is kept at body temperature, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the solution begins. The tank is insulated against sound; noise doesn’t reach you.


The outside world is gone and amazing things happen, simply because there are no external stimuli for your brain to process. It turns out that when you’re not fighting gravity or constantly taking in information, your body has a lot of extra resources at its disposal. Your mind is free without distraction, your brain produces endorphins and your body gets to rest, de-stress and heal. It’s likely the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced.

We have two Float Pods housed in their own private room complete with a private shower, so the experience is 100% yours. The power of flotation is useful for so many needs - both mental and physical health, but also provides rest and restoration as you've never before experienced. If you're looking for a place of solace to escape the noise of the world, relief from pain, or seeking faster physical recovery, call for an appointment for your first float.

Float Pricing

1 Hour Float Session - $65

 1 Hour & 30 Min Float Session - $85

2 Hour Float Session - $125

Float Packages

3 One hour Float Sessions - $150

5 One Hour Float Sessions - $225

30 Days Unlimited Floats   -  $600

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