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Image by Sime Basioli

Physical Benefits of Floating

While there is a massive impact on mental health that comes from flotation therapy, many initially test it out for it's physical benefits. If you're an athlete, you train rigorously for your job, you suffer from chronic pain, or you just turned your ankle stepping off the curb, you may want to read on! 

Great for Hair, Skin, and Nails!

"Post Float Glow" is very real. Magnesium sulfate isn't at all drying and can reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase the natural luster of your hair and skin.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

​Floating improves cardiovascular efficiency and the reduction of stress hormones and gravity allow your body to experience a fully restful state.

Accelerated Healing

Healing injuries takes time and often takes us away from the things we love for longer than we'd like. Floating speeds up the process of muscle and injury recovery due to a few reasons. Partly, it's because of the high level of magnesium sulfate in the tank. It's a completely weightless environment which allows your body the full rest necessary to heal. Additionally, the Pod promotes lowered stress levels and healthy blood circulation. Floating after an injury, heavy training session, marathon, triathlon, or strenuous work activity will get you back in action faster!

Improve Digestive Function

Oh, the things reducing stress and lots of magnesium can do for your body!

Relief from Fatigue

By now, you'll start to see the trend that fully resting your body in a stress-free, weightless environment can aid in recovery from so many struggles. We're all "on" for much more time than we used to be - whether we're online or on the job. Burnout is absolutely possible. Flotation lowers stress levels, cortisol, ACTH, and lactic acid. It also increases the natural production of dopamine (the happy hormone) and other endorphins, allowing both your brain and your body to reset their natural energy. It doesn't hurt that an hour of sleep in the Pod is equivalent to about 4 in your bed.

Improve Magnesium Deficiency

Depleted magnesium resources in your body can be the cause of so many symptoms: poor heart health, weakness, muscle cramps, tremors, nausea, high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, dizziness, poor memory, fatigue, and confusion - just to name a few. Soaking for an hour in an environment that's incredible rich in magnesium sulfate can help relieve these symptoms and balance your system. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin - giving your body the boost in resources that it's lacking.

Pain Relief from Arthritis and Other Chronic Pain Conditions

Reclining into over 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt, lowered stress hormones, and a boost of endorphins works wonders for sweet relief from chronic pain. Floaters that suffer from these conditions often report benefits after just one float for hours, days, or weeks, but explain that the benefits are longer lasting with consistent sessions. Gravity is hard on our joints and muscles and allowing your body to rest in a fully weightless environment is heaven.

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